The GPS is a one-day, on-site consultation, analyzing the organization's vision, facilities and resources.

The Game Plan session will:

- Evaluate the clarity and corporate ownership of the organization's vision and values.

- Establish an accurate analysis of the organization's current position and strength.

- Determine the potential capacity for acquiring the resources for executing a project.

- Perform and assessment of facilities and infrastructure needed to accomplish the vision. 

- Provide a realistic action plan based upon the organization's vision, facilities and resources.

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We don't just design and build buildings. We start with the fundamental factors that ensure project success.

Our Program Management service involves three stages:

- Assess: Clarify Vision, Assess Needs, Evaluate Resources

- Develop: Develop Strategy,Design Facilities, Acquire Resources

- Build: Implement Strategy, Build Facilities, Manage Resources

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You may be on this site because you have already begun the process of designing, improving, expanding or building faciltiies and it is not going well. We can help with that, too.

Our Project Rescue services can:

- Evaluate critical project factors and develop appropriate project solutions. 

- Create alignment of the facilities design with the church's needs and the project budget.

- Facilitate the development of consensus within the leadership for project direction.

- Provide representation for the church in dealing with project stakeholders.

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