50% of churches have a set of designs they will never build
70% that do move forward, experience significant issues

Only 1 in 10 churches get designed and built without experiencing significant issues...

there is a better way.

There are other segments of the design and construction industry that experience a much higher level of success. They achieve success by being extremely well prepared, addressing all the key issues for success up front, and following a disciplined process for managing and executing the project. They establish the parameters for success and control the process rather than letting architects and/or builders control the process. When churches take this approach, they experience the same level of success.

How can you do it a Better Way?


Commercial organizations are able to control the process and insure success by having professional representation on staff or on contract. Rick Thurman partners with churches to give them the same benefit, utilizing his decades of experience in working with national corporations to help churches achieve the same level of success.

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