Building a Better Future

Trinity is committed to Building A Better Future by utilizing their extensive development, design, and construction experience to help non-profit and faith-based organizations, as well as government agencies to meet people’s needs and to improve their quality of life.


Trinity helps social-sector organizations to follow the same proven processes that successful private-sector organizations utilize to get highly effective, affordable facilities.


Most often there are issues outside of the design and construction process that have the greatest impact on the success of a project.
Knowing what those issues are and how to deal with them is the key to success.

Acquisition & 

Design &

In today’s highly regulated environment, knowing all the pertinent factors and answering all the important questions prior to committing to the purchase of a property is absolutely critical.

Having a plan that addresses both immediate and long term needs, a design that is effective and affordable, and a construction process that insures a high quality facility that is within budget and on schedule brings it all together.

While leading a volunteer team, putting roofs on houses, it became obvious that there was a huge need for help in Puerto Rico. The Trinity team felt that there was much more that they could do. Trinity’s role on the island has continued to expand as they work with government agencies and nonprofit organizations to address needs.

Helping Churches to Facilitate their Ministries

Trinity has been helping churches to acquire and develop property, as well as build and renovate facilities for over fifteen years. Trinity has developed a specialized process to specifically address the particular challenges that churches must overcome in order to maximize their resources and get the facilities they need.

Helping to Rebuild Puerto Rico

Helping Non-profits to Achieve their Missions

Trinity not only helps nonprofits to facilitate their own operations and activities, but also partners with them to carry out their mission when our expertise and experience can be a benefit. Whether it be an advisory role, providing an assessment of a property, or providing design and/or construction services Trinity is there to help

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